Sunday, February 19, 2012

Character Chat #2 - A Night With Unexpected Turns

I haven't written one these for a while so I figured I'd start up again.This is again part of Character Chat, a meme hosted by Beth Ann Masarik (again, click on her name to find out more). This episode once again features Damian, except this one goes much deeper into who he is. Be warned, it's a little long.

I sat in alone my room twirling a pencil in my hand, staring at my computer screen. Twenty minutes and not a single word. A low growl caused me to look away from my screen, in time to see a tiger crawl through open window. I jumped from my chair, as the cat sprawl himself on my bed.
After staring at the animal for some time, I noticed it began to lose its cat like figures until it took the shape of a boy.
I frowned, throwing my pencil at him. “Drat you, Damian! You scared me to death!”
He was, of course, richly dressed in his usually attire, complete with waistcoat and frockcoat. His long raven hair tied back with a red ribbon. He smiled, catching the pencil before it hit his face. “Sorry, but wasn’t that the point?”
I rolled my eyes and sat down at my computer again. I probably wasn’t going the get that pencil back. “So…I haven’t seen you around lately. Where have you been?”
He sighed. “Here, there…a little of everywhere.” I heard a small snap, and I grimaced. I knew it was bound to happen, but I’d hope it wasn’t going to. Goodbye, fair pencil. I knew thee well.
I turned. “Why do you always have to break everything I give you?”
He stood up straight and glared at me. “That, Madame, is uncalled for.”
I coward in my seat. I hadn’t meant it like that; I just meant pencils and whatnot. But I knew what he meant; the poor guy had suffered a lot in his lifetime and little did he know, there was more to come.
“Sorry, didn’t mean it like that.”
He sat down, hunched over. “S’alright.” He muttered. “Sorry, I mistook.”
I half smiled, but his face became puzzled, and he continued to speak. “It’s just. I’ve been so confused lately. I barely know who I am anymore.” He looked up at me. “I don’t what to do this anymore. You said it would turn out alright. You said this end soon.”
I went over to him and knelt beside him, placing my hand on his shoulder. His cold essence radiated through the three layers of clothing. He was at his breaking point; I could feel it. He was going to fall. He had suffered so much, and he was so desperate to be happy. I pitied him. “It will; I promise you that. But you’ve got to hang on a bit longer. There are, and I shouldn’t even be telling you this, but I going bend the rules a bit. To be totally honest with you, there are trials head.” He grimaced. “I know it isn’t what you what to hear right now, but it’s the truth.”
“I don't think I can…”
“You have to. And believe me when I say, it isn’t a suggestion. Damian, if you only knew…”
“Then tell me,” He interrupted. “Tell me what I’m going to find out. It could help me now.”
I stood. “I hate to say this but you’re not ready. You wouldn't believe it find I told you now. What you’re going to learn, you can’t hear from me. But you will find the one will tell you.”
“Can you give me a name?”
I shook my head.
He sighed. “Rules are rules, I know.”
“Sorry.” I hurt me to see him so depressed. He could be happy, but he needed to try harder than this. I sat down at my desk, and thought for a moment. Then spun my chair and faced my computer. “Damian, tell me about yourself.”
He sighed again. “What’s there to know. I’ve already told you everything.”
“Tell me again. From the beginning. Facts and happy parts only.”
He looked at me as if I lost my mind. “Why?”
“Because you said you’re having trouble remembering who you were. Well, let’s see if we can’t refresh your memory.”
“Clorisa, happy memories are, in fact, few and far between for me; you know that. They’re not the easiest to think of, especially, right now.”
“Oh! Well, I’m sorry, but…wasn’t that the point?”
The corners of his lips twitched with a smiled. I had just dared him using his own words, and he never backed down from a dare. “Alright.” His emerald eyes danced. “Let’s see, I was born in the spring in Essex, England; the year was 1661. Lord Arthur Amuary was my father; he was…”
“Skip it, Damian, remember happy thoughts only.”
He nodded. “My mother was Lady Janet Marke Amuary. She played the violin.”  A tear came to his eye, but I knew it was something to worry about. “She taught me at an early age. I knew it instantly. I played at parties and other social gatherings. But my father didn’t approve…”
“Damian, no.” I turned.
He was glaring the floor as if he could see the man he was talking about below him. The room seemed to grow darker. “He said it was a woman’s instrument.”
I rushed to his side and put my hand on his face. “Damian, please. Look at me; you need to relax!”
He continued to stare through me. His eyes burned. He grabbed arm started to bend it back.
“Damian, stop!” I cried. In a matter of moments, he would break my arm, and nothing I did would snap him back to his senses, because he couldn’t feel any of it. My heart was pounding in my ear, which didn’t help matters. Then an idea struck me; I reached of over and switched on the table lamp.
In an instant, Damian released my arm and coward to the floor. “Turn that stupid thing off!” he shouted.
The light even blinded me for a second, but my eyes soon adjusted. I stood up, rubbing my arm, as my heartbeat settle. “I think…we’re done here.”
“No!” He scramble to his feet, continuing to shield his eyes from light, blinking, waiting for his eyes to adjust. “Please! I’ll do better I swear!”
“I’m not so sure. You nearly broke my arm. Next, you might kill me. I tried to help you, but all you seem to want to do is brood.”
“No, please, don’t...” He begged me.
I sighed. “Alright.” I switch off the light, and was greeted by blurry darkness. “But I swear you’ll be death of me.”
I made it to my desk and sat down. “Go on.”
He took a breath. “Right…umm, siblings, I had three, one older sister, Cassinova, my brother, Joshua, and then little…Maria.” He grew silent.
“Keep going.”
He continued on with how he met his wife, their relationship, after that he skipped forward to moments of laughter, of friends, then he would back track to his childhood and memories of his mother, then something he had to said would then remind him of something else farther down the line. He was talking so fast, I could hardly keep up. I had to tell him to slow down and sometimes even stop so I could type a couple a sentences.
Finally, I said smiling. “Damian, that’s enough.”
He seemed bewildered. “But I’m not done. And I haven’t lost control.”
I smiled again. “I know, I mean that’s enough for tonight. It’s late, I’m really tired, and I need to go to bed.”
He smiled. “Alright. Tomorrow night, then.”
I chuckled. “Boy, you just won’t let me sleep., will you?”
His eyes sparkled. “Isn’t that the point?” And he turned to leave.
“Damian, wait!”
“I want you to see this.” He came over to my computer. I pointed to the word document I had up on the screen. “This is you. 36 pages of nothing, but happy memories, many of which I had never heard before. I want you to remember this during this next chapter of your life. Try to remember what it felt like to be happy, and the end will be here before your know it.”
He looked me dead in the eye, and said. “I promise I will try.” I smiled in response. He went to the window.
“Oh! And Clorisa.”
I looked his way.
He smiled. “Thanks!”
I nodded. “Don’t mention it!” Then he disappeared. I saved the document as ‘Damian’s Happiness’, then shut down my computer, closed the window, and went to bed.