Monday, August 27, 2012

Character Chat #4 - Robin

 I haven't done many for these, but this sprang to my mind just now. This is a Character Chat, a meme hosted by Beth Ann Masarik. In this, Robin from my fantasy story (still untitled) get a little shock when I wasn't in a good mood.

I had been crying for hours, and now, I had a headache. It was late, and I should probably go to bed, but not yet. I don't know what I was waiting for, or if I was waiting for anything. But I couldn't go to bed, not yet.
I rubbed the awful sleep from my eyes, stared again at the screen in front of me. It was the only thing that gave off light in my small room. Then I heard it, it wasn't what I was waiting for, but at least, it was something.
His voice rang clear, gentle as it always was. "Ah, come now, Clorisa, all cannot be that bad."
I turned and saw him. He lay as if on his belly but in midair, and at my eye level. His hands cupped the chin of his elf like face; his reed pipe dangled about his neck. His face lit by computer light, and enhanced by his own enchanted smile. His woodland green eyes danced with merriment. He was Robin Goodfellow; he was also one of the last person I wanted to see right now. His good mood would clash with my moody one.
"Ugh! Leave me alone."
He frowned. "I thought you wanted someone to talk to?"
"I'd rather you were Puck."
His whole body tensed up, and he froze for a moment. Of course, I knew why. The mere mentioned of Puck's name would make very person fight poor Robin from the inside. If I said it again, it would only get worse.
Finally, Robin was loose again. "You enjoy causing me pain?"
I gave a half smile. "Well, at the moment, yes, I find it rather amusing."
He frowned again. "Where is that clever, kind girl that I know so well? What have you done with her?"
"She's dead." I said harshly. "Go drag the river, maybe you'll find her." I turned away, but he put his face between me and my screen. He studied my face then frowned yet again.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
"If I wanted to tell you, I would. Now get!" I shewed him away.
"Fine," he said crossly. "You know where to find me." In a flash, he was gone.
I sighed, and turned back to my computer again. I rubbed my eyes; I was very tired, and this was getting me no where. So I shut my laptop, and crawled into bed. Hopefully, tomorrow would be better.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #14

      Wow. Haven't done this in a while, so I guess I should start up again.
    This is another Tell Me Something Tuesday hosted by Cambria Hebert. Where we answers questions that Cam thinks up. Sound like fun?

This week's question: Were you bullied in school? How do you think bullying has charged over the years – do you think it’s worse now than it was a few years ago?

This happens to be pretty personal to me, because yes, I was, in fact, bullied in school. And this post may take longer than usual, because I may have to stop, and cry. Sorry, if I begin to rant.

It started in second grade. My family moved, so I started at a new school in a new classroom midway thru the school year. I wish I could say that the kids were nice to me, and that I made lots of friends quickly, but they weren't, and I didn't.
Always picked last for everything, and each year the names got worse. And I was often treated like I had some sort of disease.
I guess it was because I was the new girl, and I was also a downright goody-two-shoes. Don't get me wrong, I had a few friends, though we were an odd little bunch.

My sixth grade year, my friends got tired of me picked on. They told me to go to the office, but  never did. I didn't want to be a tattle-tale. So they took matters into their own hands; they went and got the VP. She had them gather all my bullies together, and she sat them down. All of them got suspended and lost recess the following week, and she told them, if any of them did anything else to hurt me, they'd have to deal with her.
They all were pretty ticked at me, but they didn't touch again, well, not that year anyway. In my yearbook, I got apologizes from most of them.

I had to school summer a couple of times. I rode the bus, because it was free and my mom didn't want to take me to school in the summer.
At the bus stop, two boys took notice of me. At first, they called me names, but when I didn't respond, they tried something else to get my attention.
Around my home pine trees grow all over, and all year round, they drop pinecones about the size your fist. I learned that summer what it felt like to be hit with one of those.
So I learned to be a little late to the bus stop in the morning, and to get away from it as fast as possible.
One day, the bus driver caught them. I don't know what she did, but they never picked up another pinecone.
And no, I never told my parents any of this.

In middle school, it was probably the worst. All my friends went to different schools, and somehow most of my old bullies went to mine. I made a few new friends, but I also made new bullies too.

I spent most of my time alone, and the librarian got to know me pretty well, since I spent nearly all my lunches in the library. I guess I figured people in books couldn't hurt me, that's where I turned.

The teasing got worse, especially, with one girl, Seleana. We had two classes to together in seventh grade, and three in eighth.
One day, coming out of class, going to lunch, she was stepping on my heals. I turned around and grabbed her arm, to keep myself from punching her in the nose.
She slapped me acrossed the face. I turned away quickly and walked away. I didn't want she to know that she had made me cry.
The librarian saw the red handprint on my face, and told the VP.
Seleana and I were both called in. After some dicussion, it was decided that we would both get on-site; she for slapping me, me for grabbing her arm. I'd never gotten anything higher than detention before so I was distraught. And it would have remained that way, except Seleana mouthed off in front of the VP. So I only got detention, and she got suspended.
After that, she continued to tease me, but she never physically touched me again.
In eighth grade, leaving art class, I had blue paint pushed into my shirt. Accidental? No, not this time. The girl stood back and laughed.

I showed my art teacher. He wrote a note for my next class, and sent me to the office to get a new shirt. I spent a good 15-20 minutes trying to wash out my shirt, but the paint never came out.
But I didn't see the girl in class for the next couple of days, and when she did come back, she ignored me as best she could.
High school wasn't horrible. I was teased in my freshman year, but I learned to play along. I guess they realized they were getting to me, so they stopped.

Seleana went to the same high school as me, but she simply ignored me, as did most. Many of my middle school friends went to the same high school. I spent some time with them, but I was mostly a loner and wanderer.
Junior year, I got hurt and betrayed by someone I'd come to know as a friend. I won't go into it, because it still hurts too bad.
Did I ever cut myself? No. Think of susicide? Maybe, but those kinds of thoughts didn't stay long, because I know who I am, even if others don't.

Has bullying changed in the modern world? I really can't say. I only left high school 3 years ago. But I would guess yes, it has.
The other day I got called a dim wit and worse on facebook for my poticial views. Which I say, they should mind thier own business about, but that's just my thinking.

But if you want to help those who are bullied, start by looking at the kids that are too quiet. They may be smiling, but ask yourself, "Does the smile reach their eyes?"

Something to think about.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #13

It's Tuesday! Wait, let me check...yup it is still Tuesday, for two more hours. ☺ In the weekly meme hosted by Cambria Hebert, I will rant about my opinion until I can't anymore.

This week's question: Do you buy a book based on the cover?

This will be a short one.

No. I don't. ☺
Yes, the cover does draw me to the book and it makes me pick it up, but I always read the summary before I decide to purchase. Because the cover doesn't say enough about the story.

Sorry, this one is really short. See you next week!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tell Me Someting Tuesday #12

Tuesday, yet again!! So I guess that means you get to hear me rant in this weekly meme hosted by Cambria Hebert.

This week's question: Do you think YA books should have ratings?

Hmmm...this is a toughy, but after reading others' answers, I think I'm ready to write my own answer.
Before last week I'd never given any thought to rating for books. But since Cambria asked I have thought and will endeavor to answer.

So ratings for books, do I think they should have them? To be honest, no, I don't. Why? Well, let me explain.

I say, no, because I feel it unnecessary mark on the written work. In school, I was always peeved when I would get my report back that I had worked so hard on and that I had strived to keep in crisp condition, and it would have a big red letter grade in the top corner. Did they really have to put it there? I mean this was the final draft that was supposed to clean and crisp. But I digest...

Now before you get mad at me, let me say that even tough I don't think that they should have rating, I do believe that they should have a disclaimer saying if the book had sexual content, drug use, etc. I think this way, because I don't really like being told what I can and can't read, but a disclaimer when tell any concerned parent what kind of book it was.This I would appreciate as well, because my age range is young adult but I prefer not read books with sexual content and where doing drugs is accepted.

  In my own stories there is none of that, not even a single swear. There is one story of mine, the only non-fantasy one, that is about a drunk driving accident that causes the death of a young character. So I never portray drugs or alcohol is a good thing and stay away from any sexual content. So my stories might labeled as children's books.
So that's me and my strange opinion. Tell me, what do you think?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tell me Something Tuesday #11

Well, Tuesday is here which means it's time for me to Tell you Something, in this meme hosted by Cambria Hebert.

This week's question: Let’s talk TV! What are your favorite shows?

Good question, let's see if I have an answer. Shall we? ☺
Hmmm...well, a few do come to mind.

So in no particular order, here they are:

First up, Castle. My goodness how I love this show. The 4th season just ended, and it was fantastic! Twists and turns, and always an awesome crime to solve. More importantly, the character Richard Character is the reason that I can't watch CSI anymore. Don't get me wrong I like CSI, but I now find myself missing Castle's personality when trying to watch it. Castle is a murder mystery author, and he's witty and smart and drives Detective Kate Becket up the wall, he's a gentleman,but he still got that boyish spunk. Kate is a tough chick that doesn't take no for an answer, but she also very sympathetic and always tries to understand those around her. The relationship between of them has gone up and down, and after the finale of season 4 I can't wait for season 5.

Second to be named is MythBuster's on the Discovery Channel. A show with no plot, but very entertaining! ☺They take mythes and test them to see if they are true, possibly true, or completely false. Example: Elephants are afraid of mice, Myth Confirmed. ☺

Now, for a couple oldies, that I love. ☺

 Numbero Uno, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I always loved watching Sabrina. Funny, and magical, my favorite combination. ☺I haven't seen all the episodes but someday I will.

And Last but not least, Gargolyes. Yes, it's animated. I've loved this show ever since I was a kid. I saw it again recently and I still love it! It has an amazing plot and awesome characters, and not a bit corny like most cartoons are. ☺

So there's are mine, and so what are yours?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #10

Well, Tell Me Something Tuesday is here again, by hosted Cambria Hebert. Every week she asks a question and we answer. Sound good?

This week's question: What is your list for Must-Read this summer?

Well, I don't have a particular order, so I'll just them in the order that I think of them.

First up, Masquerade by Cambria Hebert. And no, I'm not just begging for brown points. In april, she held a read-along for this book, but I wasn't able to participate. This summer, I hope to get my hands on this and read it cover to cover.

Second, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I've already the first two cases in this, 10 more to go; not to mention the other Sherlock stories. ☺ Teehee

Next, The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. I saw it once at Barnes & Noble, and I wanted it. But I didn't have the money, and soon I forgot about it. Recently, a friend reminded me of it. Now, I am determined to get it and read it before the summer is out.

Last, The Picture of Dorian Grey by Ocar Wilde. This is the book I am currently reading. And it is fascinating!!!

( ◄ This is the version I have. ☺)

So that's mine list. Tell me, what's yours?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #9

Alrighty folks, it's that day of the week, and that means my friend, Cambria Hebert, has another question for us to answer.

This week's question: Summer is approaching! Tell us a few of the things you are excited to do.

Well, I know thing is certain. I will be going to my cousin's wedding at the end of July, and my older brother, who I hadn't seen since January will be coming down for it, and his bringing his girlfriend, who I haven't met yet. So that should be very interesting! :)

Also, my family was thinking about getting a puppy, but only if my little brother behaves himself at school. He's got two weeks left so, we'll see.

One more thing, my 21th birthday is at the end of August, so that something to look forward to! :) Not sure what I want to do for it, but no, alcohol, that's certain.

Other than that, we might go the Sacramento Zoo, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, or SunSplash, but I don't know for sure. They are only ideas at the moment.

What about you? What will you do this summer?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #8

Well, it is Tuesday again, means only one thing, my friend Cambria Hebert is requiring everyone to think, but in a fun and good. She has posed a question; the challenge is to answer. Ready? Set? Ok!

This week's question: If you could spend a day with a book character who would it be and what would you do?

Hmm...what character? This is a toughy. Well, I do have a couple in mind.

In the Harry Potter series, there are two.

The first is Albus Dumbledore. Why? Well, because he's wise and funny. He knows so much, and he know what to do with it.
I probably allow him to give me a tour of Hogwarts, while telling me some of it's history and stories. Then, I'd like to go to his office and see all those curious trinkets he has collected, and he could even explain some them to me. And lastly, I would play with Fawkes, his pet phoenix. Why? Well, why the heck not! :)

The second is Severus Snape. Sure, he probably would give me the time of day, but let's just say for the sake of this post, he would.
I love to spend time with Snape, because there is so little that the books tell us about him. I can't say exactly what I would do during our day together because I don't really want to plan anything. I would like him to tell me more  about himself and his life. Then I could finally see that side of him that the series doesn't show us.

I don't have a picture, of this next one, but this is the book he comes from. If I could would like spend with Professor Abraham Van Helsing.
Talking to him, would defiantly help me with research for my vampire story. I mean what better why to get vampire info than talking to 'the' expert vampire hunter. :)
A+ book here I come!! LOL If only. :)

Lastly, but defiantly not least, I would love to meet Dustfinger from the Inkheart series.
 Sadly to say, but this man got a rotten life. Inkheart is a story within a story, Dustfinger is from that inner story, but was pulled out of his story into the real world, and he doesn't feel home here.
I would love to see him in his element, and would be fire. :) Fire is his best friend literally! In his world, fire does whatever he asks it to. Most of the time, he uses it to entertain in ways you wouldn't believe! But in our world, fire is not so friendly to him. He can still do some pretty cool things, but he's been burnt more than a few times. His only other friend is a horned-marten named Gwin, who follows his everywhere.
During our day together, I would want to see his display talent. I could watch him for hours as he just played with fire, I bet he would have a lot of fun too.

Well, that's my picks. So tell me, what's yours?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cancer Awareness

I'm not sure if cancer awareness month is this month, next month, or when it is, but I felt the need to post this.

Please, we need you help, no child should ever have to suffer through such an illness.

Without you, I wouldn't be here.

Me: 1993                                                                                                           Me:1995

Me: 2010

Please, help save a child. You never know who they may grow up to be.

Tell Me Something Tuesday# 7

Alrighty, folks! It's Tuesday, that means another Tell Me Something Tuesday hosted by Cambria Hebert. (click on her name for more info)

This week's question: If you could be any animal, which would you be?

This is the easiest question, she ever asked, at least, I think so.
If I could a be an animal, I would be one of the two following.

A tiger. Beautiful, powerful, and majestic. :) They say lions are the king of the jungle, but this is the true king. Besides, lions don't even live in the jungle, so how can they be the king?
Plus, it really is a pretty kitty. :) I know if I was a tiger I'd have to live outside and eat my food raw.
But I love the outdoors, and I think if I was a tiger, I would care that my food was raw.

Other animal I would be.

A wolf. Again this means outdoors and raw meat, but I love wolves.
They were one of earth's most misunderstood and mistreated creatures. Most do not see them what they really are.
They are beautiful, intelligent, and group orientated. I love them; they are so amazing!!

So that the animals I would chose, but tell me, what would you?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday # 6

Ok, today is tuesday. That means around around of Cambria Hebert' s weekly meme Tell Me Something Tuesday. She invents a question and we scribble out our answers. Or at least, I do; I hate my handwriting. I'm soooo glad this is on a computer. Anyway...
This week question is: What is your favorite thing to eat? What about to make? (Include a recipe if you can!)

Favorite thing to eat? That is a dangerous question, my friend! :) I shall do my best to answer.

Off the top of my head I would have to say, I don't know. Too many good things too eat.

I do know that my favorite drink is a tied between...

     Hot Chocolate                                                   and...                                                     Milk.
Fat free or 2%, anything
else just tastes funny.
Hot chocolate wins days are cool, but milk wins every other time.  I can't get enough of either. In fact, I'm probably the reason that my family keeps running out of milk. :P
Oh! Or I would take chocolate 
  milk. It's the best of worlds! :)

And my favorite candy is Recess's peices. And my favorite Ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip.

But my favorite thing to eat...hmmm...I would have to say...
Surprised? So am I. But I can't think of anything that I like more. I mean it's sweet and mouthwatering; plus, it's healthy!!

Now, my favorite thing to make. Easy.
Strawberry Marbled Cheesecake
The first time I made it was for my brother's 18th birthday. Since then I've made it several times over, and it's always very fun to make.

1/4 cup butter, melted
1 cup graham cracker crumbs
3 tablespoons sugar


24 ounces cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 eggs
10 ounces frozen strawberries (thawed), in syrup
1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch

Puree strawberries and cornstarch in blender. Heat in a saucepan over medium heat until thickened, then cool. Combine melted butter, graham cracker crumbs and sugar; press onto bottom of 9-inch springform pan.Bake at 350°F. for 10 minutes. Combine cream cheese, sugar and vanilla, mixing at medium speed on electric mixer until well blended. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each addition. Pour half of the batter over the crust then add half of the strawberry mixture by spoonfuls to the batter. Pour remaining batter into the pan then add the remaining strawberry mixture by spoonfuls. Swirl the mixture with a knife until it resembles a marbled effect. Bake at 300°F. for 50-60 minutes or until set. Allow cheesecake to cool then remove from rim of pan. Chill overnight before serving.
Serving Size: 12

So, that's my answer. What's yours?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Charater Chat #3 - Cassinova

This is meme hosted by Beth Ann Masarik (click her name to for more info.) Basically, it's me talking to the characters in my head. This episode starred Cassinova from my vampire story that I'm currently calling Knight Fall. So check it out:

I sat outside alone, just thinking and listening to the sounds of the night, when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned and saw the gentle face of a young woman. She stood timidly with a mug her hands. She was dress in a brown turtleneck sweater, jeans, and fur boots; a bit warm a summer’s night, but I knew it didn’t bother her. Her shoulder length brown curly hair was pulled back in a clip.
“Oh, hello Cassie!” I said with a smile.
She smiled back. “I hope I’m not disturbing you.”
“No, not at all! Please, sit.” I gestured for her to do so.
She took with porch chair next to me. “Oh! This is for you.” She said as she handed me the warm cup.
“Hot chocolate?” I asked.
She smiled again. “Yes. I was told you liked it.”
“Thank you, that’s very thoughtfully!”
“You’re welcome!”
I put the cup to my lips, and took a slip, but it burnt my tongue, so I pulled the cup away. “Ah! Too hot!”
“Oh!” She frowned. “I’m so, so sorry!”
I smiled. “It’s ok. I’ll just wait for it to cool.” I set the mug on the little table next to me. Cassinova stared at it.
“Is something wrong?” I asked.
She looked away from the cup, but did not meet my eye. “No.”
I slid off my chair and knelt next to her. “Cassie, you can tell me anything, you know that, right? I’m a very good listener.”
She looked at me, and smiled a sad smile. I could see the plea in her eyes. Something told me, I already knew what she was worried about, but I wanted her to say it.
“What is it, Cass? What’s wrong?”
“Damian,” she muttered. I had thought as much, that boy seemed to consume her thoughts of late.
I smiled the best I could. “You can’t blame yourself.”
“But I can, because it’s my fault!” she cried.
“That was years and years ago, centuries even. He’s had plenty of time to make his own decisions. You cannot be blamed for the path he is on now.”
“But what if he never gets better?”
“He will, I can promise you that.” I smiled. “And if he didn’t, then that’s his choice.”
She shook her head. “Still there has to something I could do or could have done. I’m his sister, his older sister. I’m the only family he has left. There should be something I can do.”
“Sometimes, there is. And sometimes, all you can do is be there for him when he needs you.”
“But waiting is so…difficult.” She pouted.
I smiled. “I know, but you can do it.”
She sighed. “Alright. You really think he’ll get better?”
“I know he will. In fact, he’s already half way there.”
She smiled. “Thanks!”
I smiled back. “What are friends for?”

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #5

This is a weekly meme by Cambria Hebert, where she askes a question and we give our answer.

This week's question: Where would you go on your dream vacation and what would you do?

Hmmm...a not too difficult question. I don't necessarily have a dream vacation, but where are three places I would really like to go.

#1 - England. Why? Why the heck not! I've been reseaching it for the story I am writing, and what better way to get research, then to go there. It's history, art and theatre are just so captivating. I'd make sure I saw everything there was to see, then I go to the little town just northeast of London, to Epping. I take my time there. Breath in the air, and walk through the nearby forest, just to get the right feel for my story.
I could sit, think, and just listen. That would be prefect!

Travel to Ireland
#2 on my list. Ireland. Simple because it's beautiful and magical. I'm not sure why but I just love the idea of being somewhere where there isn't much sign of other people. Don't get me wrong, I love people and doing fun things, but just going somewhere and not doing anything is my idea of a vacation. Not in any hurry to get somewhere, just enjoying where I am.

Glencar Waterfall County Leitrim Connaught Ireland
#3 Venice, Italy. Do I really need to say why? It's a city, on water! Why wouldn't you want to go? Unless you couldn't swim. :) But yes, I would love to see the architecture, the people, and defiantly, eat the food. :)

So those are place I would like to go on vacation. So tell me, where would you go?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #4

Wow, tuesday already?
If you're new to this, Tell Something Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Cambria Hebert, where she ask, then we tell. Cool? Great!

This week's question: If you could meet anyone (living or dead) who would it be and why?

sleeper parents crept lifted pillow wake fairies retrieve teeth wakingWell, when I was a kid there was only one person I desperately wanted to meet. The Toothfairy. Yes, I know it's silly but I wanted to know what she looked like. I even wrote her once, asking what she looked like. That next morning, I found a two paged letter telling me that she looked very much like the fairies in my story books.

But that is past, on to better things.

I'm glad someone asked me this question a couple monthes ago, I'd probably be here for a while.

Then and now, there is one man in particular that I want to meet, William Wilburforce. Here is a man who is truly incredible! And if you've seen Amazing Grace, you'll know what I mean.
He took on the duty of ending slavery in England without blood shed. A duty that nearly sent him to an early grave. His commitment and passion are awe-inspiring. His dedication  and will are astounding. I could say much more, but then I'd go forever. Needless to say, he was and is one amazing man!

Well, he's my man to meet. Tell me who's yours?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Love Poem

I wrote this poem yesterday for my cousin's bridal shower. It was written on hand decorated heart, and given with a pair white candles. Just thought I'd share it.

These things are never ending.
This thing is never forlorn.
This is love everlasting.
... And it’s something you’ll never forget.

Light each other’s fires.
Let your candles burn.
If your flame is dimming,
And you’re not sure what to do.
Lean upon his shoulders,
And he will pull you through.

May your love burn bright,
As these two candles glow.
May it shine forever
With the diligence you show.
As you’re growing older,
Waxing in your years,
May your love stay strong
through trials and through tears.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #3

Ok, so I realize I haven't done the last four weeks, (which sucks because I had really good answers for them) but I am starting anew. Rest assured, I am planning a make-up post to cover the four that I missed, so be on the lookout. But this post is about the here and the now, or I guess you could say it's about planning for the future. Why? Wait a minute, and I'll get back to you on that.

First off, if you are unfamiliar with Cambria Hebert 's meme, just click on her name, and see what's up.

I told you this post was about the future, right? That's because it is, sort of. It is, because the question is “If you were…” were being the future tense. But it isn't because it is not meant to be taken seriously, and are wherefore, allowed to have fun with it. But I digress.

This week's question: If you were going to be stranded on an island and could bring five items what would they be??

Cambria asked us not to list 'my family' as one of the five, which is good! Because I actually wouldn't bring them. But before you think I'm heartless and cruel, let me explain.
Don't you think it would be selfish of you drag your family to an island in the middle of nowhere, when they'd much rather to doing something else at home. It is like the joke where a redhead, a brunette, and a blonde are stranded on an island, and they find a genie's lamp. The genie grants each of them a wish. The redhead and brunette wish be to with their families. After, they leave, the blonde misses them, and wishes them back to the island. I can just imagine the fight that most likely ensued after that. If three girls can't get along on an island, then my family is certainly not going to.

But again, I digress.

More importantly, the five things I would bring.

 #1- Numero Uno

Now that I brought up the idea, I decided, "Why not?" Yes, it is a genie. I figure, if I forget anything, I can simply wish for it. I, of course, won't be limited to three wishes. And if I am, I'd use my first wish for skills to survive. That way, I will to able to survive if I ever get lost again, after I've left the island and I no longer have the genie with me. I'm not sure what I'd use my second wish, for, but after being on the island for a while, I'm sure I'll think of something. I'll save my third wish for going home, that way, I don't have to worry about rescue. Of course, I have to be extremely careful with what I say and how say it, because genies are incredibly tricky, and he may try to twist my words.

Ok, so you might see all these pictures and say, 'Clorisa, that's four things.' Well, I see them as one category: Tools. Hey, even MacGyver had tools, they were odd at times, but they were still tools. Allow me these four tools, and while I might not a happiest of campers, I will be satisfied. And may I say that I am very happy I paid attention at Girl's Camp when we did survival and first aid prepariness, otherwise I would not have thought of these. Steel and flint to light my fire. A knife
for multipurposes: to make spears to hunt and protect with, if I catch fish, I can use it to degut and descale them, and  I found that I'm pretty good at whittle work, so I can pass time, if there's any to spare. A cooking kit, to cook what ever I catch and to purify my water by boiling it, also I add a cup and if you've ever tried drinking from one these pan you will get what I mean. Last but not least in my tools category, a proper fork and a proper spoon. What do I mean by proper? I mean not those stupid camping utensils you find in the camping section of the store and not the ones that look like a pocket knife either, because they don't work.

If you think that my tools category is cheating, then consider that my five. Stop reading here and skip to the end. If not, then I'll continue.

Next on my list, my hiking boots. Sure they're a little worn, I'll probably need new ones soon, but they still work fantastically. I love to explore, so me being who I am, I'll probably want to explore the entire island, after I've successfully secured food, water, and a shelter, of course. Actually, knowing me, I'll most likely explore, even before I have those things. Stupid, I know, but what can I say it's who I am.


No, it isn't a notebook. It is a sketchbook, more importantly it's my sketchbook, or at least it represents it. Unfortunately, many of my sketchbook's page do look exactly like this picture, which is why I need to bring it. I don't go many places without it, and a deserted island is no exception. I mean, what better way get inspiration. I can imagine, sitting on the side of a mountain, after a hiking, and sketching out the sunset. In my mind, perfect.
Of course, I'll have to bring my 2B Graphite pencil. Yes, that specific one, others are too thin or too thick for me to draw with. And I'll my white easer and pencil sharpener.


I need a chair. Not a stool. A chair, one with a back. I remember that being the one thing I disliked about Girl's Camp, no chairs. There were benches, stools, trees stumps, and logs to sit on, but no chairs. There were leaders, who were smart, and brought camping chairs for themselves, but no one else benefited from their intellengence. It was the one thing I missed when I was at camp, and you'd think I'd wise up, but nope. I went to Girl's Camp for 6 year in a row, and I never remembered to bring a chair. So going to a deserted island, it is the one thing I refuse to forget.

So that's my five things. I thought about bringing a book or two, but I realized I probably wouldn't read them, since I've brought books with me on vacations several times, and I rarely read them, if I read them at all.

Anyways, now you know my thoughts on islands and things I would bring. So tell me, what are yours?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #2

    Tell me Something Tuesday is meme hosted by Cambria Hebert , where she askes and you tell. Simple, right?
This week she asked: Have you ever participated in a Book club, buddy read, or Read along?
To be honest, no, I haven’t participated in any of the three kind of group. Unless you count the reading groups I was sent to in school, 1st through 7th grade, because I read slower than other kids. These groups were focused on making you faster still maintained reading comprehension. Most of the kids in these groups didn’t like reading, with all the reading drills, neither did I. All the stories and books were chosen (all very dull) and timed. I hated reading, and I never touched a book, if I didn’t have to.

But after seeing the first Harry Potter movie, I was anxious to read the book. Since I loved reading because it’s my choice.
So now that my sob story is over have I ever participated in a Book club, buddy read, or Read along? No, I would like to. J

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #1

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly meme created by Cambria Hebert , where she asks and you tell. Simple enough.
This week she asked: Do you usually like the book better than the movie or the movie better than the book? What is your favorite book to movie adaptation you have ever seen?

My answer, Yes!
 No, just kidding. But honest, I usually perfer the book over the movie. Because book must fill 200 or more pages with words. So the author must include dialouge, character thought and emotion, narrative, plot, setting and character descriptions, and a whole lot more to meet their page requirement. A movie director must take what he or she see in the book and condense it into 2 hours or less of film, loosing many aspects of the story in process. And then there are the directors that have a different vision for the story. It's a sad, but true statement that leave many liking the books better.
Through there have been time where I've liked the movie as much as the book, and where I thought the movie was better. And I'll give examples of all three.

I, actually, won't go too much into the books I think are better their movies, except I that refuse to watch the Percy Jackson movie, because I heard my mom told me it was an utter flop and she hadn't even read the books. I do not wish to dampen my spirits concerning this series because the books are truly awesome!
And I depised the Eragon movie, mostly because I had been so excited to see it. Totally ruined from start to finish. That's all I have to say on the matter.

This next one is another movie that I probably never watch again. Oh, Inkheart, how you have wronged me. There were a great deal of major changes that I accepted as the movie progressed. The plot, setting, and character were still reflected beautifully. But the ending, oh that ending, had me yelling the characters. I won't say too much for those who still wish to see it, but it didn't end the way it should have. My personal suggestion, read the books, Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath, and stay far away from this movie.
Other books better than their movies are the Harry Potter series, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Man in the Iron Mask, and others. While these movie where not at all bad, they still had some things missing which made me sad.

These next movies are one that I deem just as good as their books.
A classic if there ever was one. To Kill A Mockingbird is warmhearting and powerful whether you read it or watch it. I don't think there could be a better book to movie translation.
I'd hate to repeat myself, but I almost have to. I saw the movie first, and although it missed a few minor things from the book, I have to say, watched or read, Bridge  to Terabihia is wonderful. I cried both times, and I am not a crier.
Next is Jurassic Park, I like both the movie and the book. Again, I saw the movie first, and read the book right after. Somethings were missed, other things I perfered to be missed.
Thirdly, a few movie that, in my humble opinion, surpassed their books.
First up, Matilda. Actually, this movie could almost fit in the pervious section, except for the fact that I like the movie ending better. P.S. I saw the movie first. :P
Next, Ella Enchanted, a refreshing new, and wonderful story if you see the movie. It isn't that I don't like the book, in fact, I'd probably read it again, given the chance, but it seemed dull compared to the movie. The Movie hightlighted everything about the book, included all the orginal characters, added depth to said characters, change the age of one character, added even more characters with depth include d :), breathed new life into  the plot, and still had time to throw in a couple of songs. The book is basically Cinderella with a twist; the movie is its own creature. And that's why I like it!

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite book to movie adaptation. Well, you ask for it.

Yes, it's Sherlock Holmes! Suprise! Surprise! In truth, it's mostly because I love the character of Sherlock Holmes, and Downey does a fantastic job of portraying Doyle's famous detective. Through the mysteries Holmes solves the movies are not the same as the ones in the books, but that's completely understandable. Who wants to know the answer to the mystery before the story even starts? I know I sure don't. And even through the cases aren't the same; key events, characters, and even certain peices of dialouge are! These two movies are the closest adaption to Doyle's stories that I can think of, and that is what make them so wickedly cool!

Well, that my Tell Me Something Tuesday. Hope you enjoyed it! :)