Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday# 7

Alrighty, folks! It's Tuesday, that means another Tell Me Something Tuesday hosted by Cambria Hebert. (click on her name for more info)

This week's question: If you could be any animal, which would you be?

This is the easiest question, she ever asked, at least, I think so.
If I could a be an animal, I would be one of the two following.

A tiger. Beautiful, powerful, and majestic. :) They say lions are the king of the jungle, but this is the true king. Besides, lions don't even live in the jungle, so how can they be the king?
Plus, it really is a pretty kitty. :) I know if I was a tiger I'd have to live outside and eat my food raw.
But I love the outdoors, and I think if I was a tiger, I would care that my food was raw.

Other animal I would be.

A wolf. Again this means outdoors and raw meat, but I love wolves.
They were one of earth's most misunderstood and mistreated creatures. Most do not see them what they really are.
They are beautiful, intelligent, and group orientated. I love them; they are so amazing!!

So that the animals I would chose, but tell me, what would you?


  1. I love wolves. I can totally understand that I might even choose that myself. Tigers are gorgeous and I think you are right, they are the true kings. So many animals to choose from. What a great TMST week! Thanks for joining in. See you next week!

  2. :) You're welcome, thanks for host it! See you then!