Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #9

Alrighty folks, it's that day of the week, and that means my friend, Cambria Hebert, has another question for us to answer.

This week's question: Summer is approaching! Tell us a few of the things you are excited to do.

Well, I know thing is certain. I will be going to my cousin's wedding at the end of July, and my older brother, who I hadn't seen since January will be coming down for it, and his bringing his girlfriend, who I haven't met yet. So that should be very interesting! :)

Also, my family was thinking about getting a puppy, but only if my little brother behaves himself at school. He's got two weeks left so, we'll see.

One more thing, my 21th birthday is at the end of August, so that something to look forward to! :) Not sure what I want to do for it, but no, alcohol, that's certain.

Other than that, we might go the Sacramento Zoo, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, or SunSplash, but I don't know for sure. They are only ideas at the moment.

What about you? What will you do this summer?


  1. Great answers this week! A wedding with family sounds fun I am sure it will be a great time! I actually haven't heard of Sunsplash but it sounds like a water park so I bet it is awesome!

  2. :) Thank you! And yes, Sunsplash is a water park. If you're ever in northern Cali, you should go. It's a lot of fun! :)

  3. awww, a pup?! I would love one.. but then I have two boys, so they keep me busy enough! I wonder if your bro will manage to get to end of school... Weddings are a lovely time to celebrate and it's great news that you will see your older bro - hope it all goes well for your summer!

  4. Hi Schez! Welcome to my blog!
    Yea, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but if my brother has another day like today, we won't be getting one any time soon.
    I excited my cousin's weddings; he and I are a year apart so we are pretty close, and my older brother again isn't bad either. :)
    Thanks! And thanks for stopping by! See you next week!