Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #3

Ok, so I realize I haven't done the last four weeks, (which sucks because I had really good answers for them) but I am starting anew. Rest assured, I am planning a make-up post to cover the four that I missed, so be on the lookout. But this post is about the here and the now, or I guess you could say it's about planning for the future. Why? Wait a minute, and I'll get back to you on that.

First off, if you are unfamiliar with Cambria Hebert 's meme, just click on her name, and see what's up.

I told you this post was about the future, right? That's because it is, sort of. It is, because the question is “If you were…” were being the future tense. But it isn't because it is not meant to be taken seriously, and are wherefore, allowed to have fun with it. But I digress.

This week's question: If you were going to be stranded on an island and could bring five items what would they be??

Cambria asked us not to list 'my family' as one of the five, which is good! Because I actually wouldn't bring them. But before you think I'm heartless and cruel, let me explain.
Don't you think it would be selfish of you drag your family to an island in the middle of nowhere, when they'd much rather to doing something else at home. It is like the joke where a redhead, a brunette, and a blonde are stranded on an island, and they find a genie's lamp. The genie grants each of them a wish. The redhead and brunette wish be to with their families. After, they leave, the blonde misses them, and wishes them back to the island. I can just imagine the fight that most likely ensued after that. If three girls can't get along on an island, then my family is certainly not going to.

But again, I digress.

More importantly, the five things I would bring.

 #1- Numero Uno

Now that I brought up the idea, I decided, "Why not?" Yes, it is a genie. I figure, if I forget anything, I can simply wish for it. I, of course, won't be limited to three wishes. And if I am, I'd use my first wish for skills to survive. That way, I will to able to survive if I ever get lost again, after I've left the island and I no longer have the genie with me. I'm not sure what I'd use my second wish, for, but after being on the island for a while, I'm sure I'll think of something. I'll save my third wish for going home, that way, I don't have to worry about rescue. Of course, I have to be extremely careful with what I say and how say it, because genies are incredibly tricky, and he may try to twist my words.

Ok, so you might see all these pictures and say, 'Clorisa, that's four things.' Well, I see them as one category: Tools. Hey, even MacGyver had tools, they were odd at times, but they were still tools. Allow me these four tools, and while I might not a happiest of campers, I will be satisfied. And may I say that I am very happy I paid attention at Girl's Camp when we did survival and first aid prepariness, otherwise I would not have thought of these. Steel and flint to light my fire. A knife
for multipurposes: to make spears to hunt and protect with, if I catch fish, I can use it to degut and descale them, and  I found that I'm pretty good at whittle work, so I can pass time, if there's any to spare. A cooking kit, to cook what ever I catch and to purify my water by boiling it, also I add a cup and if you've ever tried drinking from one these pan you will get what I mean. Last but not least in my tools category, a proper fork and a proper spoon. What do I mean by proper? I mean not those stupid camping utensils you find in the camping section of the store and not the ones that look like a pocket knife either, because they don't work.

If you think that my tools category is cheating, then consider that my five. Stop reading here and skip to the end. If not, then I'll continue.

Next on my list, my hiking boots. Sure they're a little worn, I'll probably need new ones soon, but they still work fantastically. I love to explore, so me being who I am, I'll probably want to explore the entire island, after I've successfully secured food, water, and a shelter, of course. Actually, knowing me, I'll most likely explore, even before I have those things. Stupid, I know, but what can I say it's who I am.


No, it isn't a notebook. It is a sketchbook, more importantly it's my sketchbook, or at least it represents it. Unfortunately, many of my sketchbook's page do look exactly like this picture, which is why I need to bring it. I don't go many places without it, and a deserted island is no exception. I mean, what better way get inspiration. I can imagine, sitting on the side of a mountain, after a hiking, and sketching out the sunset. In my mind, perfect.
Of course, I'll have to bring my 2B Graphite pencil. Yes, that specific one, others are too thin or too thick for me to draw with. And I'll my white easer and pencil sharpener.


I need a chair. Not a stool. A chair, one with a back. I remember that being the one thing I disliked about Girl's Camp, no chairs. There were benches, stools, trees stumps, and logs to sit on, but no chairs. There were leaders, who were smart, and brought camping chairs for themselves, but no one else benefited from their intellengence. It was the one thing I missed when I was at camp, and you'd think I'd wise up, but nope. I went to Girl's Camp for 6 year in a row, and I never remembered to bring a chair. So going to a deserted island, it is the one thing I refuse to forget.

So that's my five things. I thought about bringing a book or two, but I realized I probably wouldn't read them, since I've brought books with me on vacations several times, and I rarely read them, if I read them at all.

Anyways, now you know my thoughts on islands and things I would bring. So tell me, what are yours?


  1. Wow! That's quite a list of items!! I love them all. It's so funny that you missed a chair in girl scouts! But I can see why... sitting on tree stumps all the time would hurt! lol.
    Love the tools idea. You are right, tools would be essential because they would make living so much easier.
    I love that you would bring a sketch book because you are right sitting on the side of a mountain would be so inspirational and you would have plenty of time on the island to sketch it!
    I never thought about hiking boots to explore in but I think I would want to explore too... so great call on that. Barefoot would hurt!
    So glad you could participate this week and no worries about it being wednesday - I am just happy you posted. It was great to read your answers! hope to see you next week!

    1. You like my answers? Hooray!!
      I'm so happy, I was giggling while I read your comment.
      And yes, I think it is kind of odd that chairs were the only comforts of home that I missed. You'd think I'd miss my bed or, more importantly, my family. But no, just give me a chair and I'll be happy. : )

    2. Oh, and you will definately be seeing me next week! : )

  2. Oh and by the way... a Genie is brilliant!!! BEst answer ever!!!!

    1. lol Yup, that's why is he's first my list. : )

  3. Ha! I love the Genie comment/idea. Why didn't I think of that?

    Great post!

    1. To be honest, I didn't think of a genie at first. It was only after I mentioned the joke that I realized it might be a good idea to have one.
      Thanks for reading!